An Even Brighter TOMORROW

DVD Tomorrow has joined with Mixonic to Offer You the BEST in Custom Media and Merchandise

DVD Tomorrow is now a proud part of Mixonic, a leading provider of customized media and merchandise products.

What does this mean for you?
Behind the scenes, Mixonic has already been producing many of the CD and DVD projects for DVD Tomorrow customers for several years. Now, we’re letting all DVD Tomorrow customers have the benefit of our leading online platform, our wide selection of disc products and packaging, great quality and great value. Plus, you’ll have access to a much broader set of apparel and promotional items to support your group, business and organization’s branding and product needs. If you’ve already ordered online with DVD Tomorrow, you customer account will now be accessible at If you’ve not ordered online previously, you can create an online account to place new orders or call us regarding reorders.

Why Mixonic?
Since 2001, Mixonic has been an innovator and leading provider of custom products. We’ve built a full online suite of services and products with our customers in mind. Our objective is to provide you lots of choices, great value and a fun and easy buying experience. We aim to give a great product and great service with every order. With over 100,000 customers served and tens of millions of discs produced, we’ve got the experience to ensure that past DVD Tomorrow customers will be well served tomorrow and well into the future.

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